SolarPlus Loan

Qualifying Solar StepDown customers now have an option to borrow up-to an additional $15,000 through our exclusive unsecured "SolarPlus Loan"1. This innovative program gives homeowners the ability to borrow up to $40,000 for a single set of home improvements! 

The SolarPlus Loan

The SolarPlus, the Bank’s flagship renewable energy loan, allows homeowners to combine an unsecured, same-as-cash loan for 30% of their system’s value, with a term loan for the remaining amount of the system value, keeping payments very low from day 1.

  • Combined maximum loan amount of $40,000
  • Unsecured, same-as-cash loan is matched to 30% of system value - no interest, no payments on this portion for 18 months2
  • Secured FHA Title I loan covers remainder of the system financing - flexible loan terms are available for multiple monthly payment options
  • Additional qualifying requirements: minimum FICO score of 700
  • 100% upfront funding
  • No pre-payment penalties

1 The SolarPlus Loan program is a Bank program that is not affiliated with or sponsored by FHA. The term of the SolarPlus Loan cannot exceed the term of the Solar StepDown Loan - each loan is subject to separate credit approval.

2If the customer elects not to pay off the full principal amount of the loan within 18 months of funding date, then: (1) the interest accrued from the funding date will not be waived by the Bank and (2) all accrued interest due from the funding date will be capitalized and added to the outstanding principal balance due. Interest will then be charged on the new principal balance and continue until the full principal balance has been paid.

All loans are subject to credit approval.