Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have equity in my home?

There are no equity requirements for our FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan program. It was designed to allow homeowners a safe, affordable and flexible option to improve the value of their home through renovations. 

Can we use it for any home improvement?

Just about. Out-and-out luxuries (like a built-in swimming pool) aren't allowed. But just about anything else is.


  • Upgrade an existing bathroom
  • Add a bathroom
  • Finish an attic or basement
  • Install dormers
  • Build an addition
  • Install a walkway or driveway
  • Build a carport or garage
  • Enclose a porch
  • Install replacement windows
  • Add hardwood floors
  • Refinish existing floors
  • Install new siding
  • Repair or replace a roof
  • Install central air conditioning
  • Install central vacuum cleaning
  • Replace a heating system
  • Upgrade electrical wiring
  • Remodel the kitchen


Is this loan tax-deductible?

Current tax law treats this loan just like a home mortgage loan. Interest charges may be 100% tax-deductible (consult your tax advisor)

Must the work be completed before we get the loan?

No. You get all your money before you start the work.