Anchor Companion Checking

Not our ATM? Don’t worry; we have created an account for those who cannot always access an Admirals Bank ATM. With our Anchor Companion account we will reimburse you up to $30.00 in foreign ATM fees per statement cycle, because after all, what is a companion for? Register now to open an account using our safe and secure online account opening platform!

  • Reimbursement of up to $30.00 per statement cycle in foreign ATM fees*
  • No Admirals Bank ATM fees
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • $500.00 minimum balance to open account
  • Qualified customers earn a highly competitive Qualified Interest rate* If you meet the following requirements per statement cycle, a Qualified Interest Rate/APY* will be paid on balances of $0.01 and above. The requirements are 1) you must maintain an Anchor Companion Money Market Account as well as an Anchor Companion Checking Account and 2) the combined daily balances of the two accounts must be at least $20,000.00. If the requirements are not met in a statement cycle, the Standard Interest Rate/APY will be paid on balances of $0.01 and above.

    You cannot transfer monies from an existing Admirals Bank account to open this account.

    You will be reimbursed for any foreign ATM fees up to $30.00 per statement cycle on your Anchor Companion Checking Account provided the minimum daily combined balance requirement of $20,000.00 is met.

    *APY (Annual Percentage Yield)